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We all know that regular servicing is very important for any machine or engine. Cleaning and greasing are very important to keep the overall health of your vehicle up to the mark. Grease is often considered a plastic fluid that is vital for the proper functioning of the engine. Under extreme pressure, the viscosity of the oil drops to the point that it matches the viscosity of its base oil. This sudden drop helps it acting as a lubricant. This is why greasing is considered as very essential to reduce the friction in the engine. If you are wondering who is providing the best Vehicle Greasing and car coating service in Punjab then Punjab car Bazar is the one and only option for you. Our company is mainly known for buying and selling old cars and different kind of car maintenance services. The following services are provided by us.

● Buy and selling old cars
● Car cleaning services
● Vehicle greasing services
● Car vacuum cleaning services
● Vehicles perfuming/spraying
● Car dashboard cleaning

Punjab Car Bazar maintains close communication with customers and provides innovative holistic solutions for customers to meet their diverse requirements related to the maintenance of the vehicle. Along with a vehicle greasing service, our company strives for excellence and provides sustainable, safe, reliable, efficient and cost-effective products to make the life of car owner hassle-free. Punjab Car Bazaar provides top quality accessories for your vehicle along with many other maintenance services.

Our team of expert technicians works hard 24*7 to ensure that our customers get satisfied. We are known to provide the ideal services of greasing, lubrication, washing, waxing etc for all the prevalent cars in the market. In our technology centre, we have all the modern equipment to perform different maintenance activities with utmost perfection.