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We offer exclusive car washing services with advanced machinery and skilled staff. Our car grooming packages include a complete range of car washing, dry cleaning, Coating and other works. At Punjab Car Bazar we offer maintenance services for basic cars as well as luxurious ones. The modern techniques and machinery of Car washing is not affordable for local mechanic shops hence it is advised to visit a trustworthy and recognised platform like ours for-

● Car washing
● Vehicle Greasing
● Car painting
● Purchasing a pre-owned car
● Selling a used car

Why car washing is important?
When you sit in a completely clean vehicle that looks as stunning from outside as it is from inside then you will find yourself in the seventh heaven. At the same time, a regular car wash can protect you from any kind of allergy or infection that may be caused because of dirt. Proper maintenance of the car is one of the best ways to make its resale value lean towards the better side. A car wash is a low investment activity that reduces the rate of depreciation. All top vehicle manufacturers recommend a weekly car wash to keep your vehicle up to the mark. It is a lesser-known fact that the clean car provides better fuel efficiency as compared to a dirty car. It means you can reduce the monthly fuel bill significantly if you avail our services for car washing.

At our workshops, we use high-quality cleaning products and the best equipment to provide 100 % client satisfaction. At Punjab Car Bazar we use quality spares from reputed brands for any kind of repair work. We are one of the most trusted platforms when it comes to car maintenance so next time when you found a dirty patch or scratch on your vehicle do not forget to call us.