Our Service


Along with being one of the best car resellers in Punjab, we also provide Car Dry Cleaning under our maintenance regime. We completely understand the need for having a clean and beautiful car all the time. We also know how hard it is to do the cleaning yourself and how much time it takes. And that’s why we are here to help you make that task easier than ever before. Our highly trained and experienced staff knows everything about dry cleaning and they are always available to assist you.

We offer cleaning services for every inch of your beautiful vehicle, including the interior and exterior surface of it. We make use of as little liquid as possible while we clean your car. It is extremely easy to book an appointment with us as our customer care service is available for you 24*7 to assist you in any kind of problem. We make use of some of the best equipment and products to remove every kind of dirt from your car and make it look like a brand new one. We give value offerings to our customers’. Our car dry cleaning services include:

● Seat covers cleaning
● Car floor and roof cleaning up
● Car seats cleaning
● Removal of dust from every part of the car

We try to impress our clients as much as we can, by taking great care of their car during the cleaning process. Our services are super affordable and as a client, you have the total control over what we do. Our experts can work with a car of any kind or brand because of the amount of experience they have. Once we are done with your car, you will have a fresh smelling car just as gorgeous as the first day you bought it.