Our Service


Punjab Car Bazaar provides exceptional Car Compound services to its customers. Compounding a car is very different from polishing a car as it is advanced activity. Our staff is trained in both of these processes. Along with being one of the best car reselling companies of Punjab we also provide quality maintenance services which are very easily accessible to our customers and they are also very affordable. Our best car compounding services help the customer to get rid of all kinds of damage that can be caused to their vehicle's paint. Our services include levelling the uneven paint surface and removing the scratches on the surface to make it smooth and shiny. Along with making your car scratch free, we also provide excellent washing services to make sure all the dirt and other substances are removed properly.

We provide this service for all kinds of cars and have plenty of experience in the field itself. Some major benefits of getting car compound service from us are:

● We remove the defects completely
● We eradicate all the contaminants from the vehicle
● We provide smooth finishing to the car once the work is done
● Also, add necessary provisions to protect the car in the future

We choose the perfect compound formula for your vehicle based on your requirements and the car type. In case some of your paint gets damaged during the process, we also repaint those surfaces to make them look as good as new. Our team of experts tries to completely understand the depth of the damage and every other thing before starting to fix it using the car compound so there are no mistakes during the process. If you are also looking for a reliable company to get car compounding done, Punjab Car Bazaar is definitely worth giving a chance.