Our Service


Punjab Car Bazar is a professional car coating platform which also buys and resells old cars. We also have various forms of maintenance services here. We're using some of the best equipment and materials to strip all kinds of dirt from your vehicle, make your car look fresh. Here it is washed, polished very carefully and all parts of a vehicle are protected from any issues affecting the car. We aim to revolutionize the idea of car washing, buying and selling second-hand cars in Punjab and try to create a community of clean cars. It is really convenient to book an appointment with us. You can also talk to our Customer Care Team to assist with any problem. Our Car Coating services include:

● Mechanized cleaning methods, as well as vehicle detailing.
● Car washing.
● Car cleaning with high-pressure, spray injection and extraction machines.

Why go with Punjab Car Bazar?
At this time in Punjab, the demand for second-hand cars and Car Coating services is rising and in such a situation cars of each type are easily available to the customers. If you're thinking of buying a second-hand car and not purchasing a new one, then Punjab car Bazar would be an ideal choice for you. Here you will get the best price for your model of choice. Before buying a car, apart from looking at it from the outside, you can also check its interior and see if the car is broken from inside. You may check whether the music system, lights, AC, horn and other features including power steering, etc. are working properly or not. Like every other automotive outlet, it is a matter of making sense of all the technicalities or purchasing or selling an automotive that is the best option for your needs. So visit us for once!