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Year : 2013
Variant : A6 Premium Plus
Kilometres Done : 50,000 KM



Year : 2010
Variant : A4
Kilometres Done : 55,000 KM


Toyota Fortuner

Year : 2010
Variant : 4x4 MT
Kilometres Done : 88,000 KM


Toyota Fortuner

Year : 2010
Variant : 4x2 MT
Kilometres Done : 1,01,000 KM


Alto LXI

Year : 2012
Variant : LXI
Kilometres Done : 77,116 KM


Alto K 10

Year : 2012
Variant : LXI
Kilometres Done : 47,000 KM


Alto K 10

Year : 2016
Variant : VXI
Kilometres Done : 40,000 KM


Alto K 10

Year : 2016
Variant : VXI
Kilometres Done : 56,000 KM


Alto K 10

Year : 2015
Variant : VXI
Kilometres Done : 51,000 KM



Year : 2015
Variant : VDI
Kilometres Done : 75,000 KM


Hyundai i10

Year : 2013
Variant : Magna
Kilometres Done : 64,000 KM



Year : 2015
Variant : Verna 1.6
Kilometres Done : 50,000 KM


Hyundai i10

Year : 2014
Variant : Asta
Kilometres Done : 64,000 KM



Year : 2009
Variant : City
Kilometres Done : 68,000 KM



Year : 2014
Variant : Polo 1.5 TDI
Kilometres Done : 48,000 KM

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Punjab Car Bazaar

For those who only want the best pre-owned cars

Welcome to the most exotic collection of the preowned cares! If you are still looking to get your favourite car in the preowned section then you are at the correct place. We have the widest range of cars of all prevalent models that you may look for. Several companies offer the sales and purchases of pre-owned cars. But at Punjab Car Bazaar we proudly claim ourselves to be very competitive in the market when it comes to rates. Ours is a well-established business where we purchase used cars from the customers as well as resale the same. So if you are looking for some top-notch reliable place to sell or purchase any second-hand car, you are most welcome with all our hearts. Apart from sales we also provide a wide range of services related to the maintenance of the vehicles like-

● Washing
● Dry Cleaning
● Car Compound
● Car Polish
● Car Waxing
● Coating
● Vacuum Cleaning
● Vehicle Greasing
● Car Accessories
● Car Painting
● And other maintenance services

Assures quality and great services
We have been well established in this business for years, the products sold or bought through our platform are always worthwhile as we understand different aspects of the vehicle very well. We have professionals who know their work well enough and are always there to cater to all your needs and demands. Our team will help you out with the complete paperwork and all other essential tasks required in the process of the purchase or sale of the pre-owned cars. We are a quality-driven business, and we understand what the customers need when they reach out to us regarding the used cars. So you can trust us without any doubts in the mind and feel free to contact us any time to know the best deals of the preowned section.

Punjab Car Bazaar: The Rising business in pre-owned cars
We look after your diverse demands and needs when it comes to pre-owned or used cars. We make sure that you get more than your expectations. As the market is also growing, we ensure to cope up with the challenges and bring the best price as much as possible, despite having neck cutting competition in the sector of automobiles. Our sole aim is to give you the most extraordinary products and services. And for this, we take the help of both manpower as well as technology. We have a great industrial experience that we apply here in our business to get our customers the value for their money. Here are some points about our work as the most reliable dealer in Punjab pre-owned cars. Here you go:

● Customers remain assured of the prices. We adopt very transparent rate policies to maintain the legacy of our forefathers.
● We have been a reliable platform for purchasing and selling second-hand cars for years.
● All our products and services are the result of complete transparent practices.
● At Punjab Car Bazaar you get complete worth of the money that you spent on purchasing or maintenance services.
● Our only goal is to build your trust in us to establish lifelong bonding as a trustworthy car expert.
● We keep you away from all sorts of hassles normally found in such business dealings.
● Complete paperwork without any kind of delay.
● If you visit us to sell a used car then you will get cash in hand immediately.

And that is not all. We manage to put extra efforts to fulfil your varying requirements regarding the purchase and sales of the pre-owned cars at our place. If you have some unique requirement we step forward to consider it and bring you the best results. Moreover, you will not have to go through any difficulties in between. Our team of experts handles the complete process of getting you the perfect fitting car as per your needs.

We help you select the best car
Out of so many options for cars, it can be difficult for anyone to select just one. So our people help you out by knowing your desires and needs and get you the few best options. Hence we make things simpler for you to provide a pleasant experience. Now you have to spend less effort and time in getting your purpose fulfilled. Also, we are completely careful with cars. We take care of all their features before making any judgments on them. Whether it be the age of the car or its fuel type, everything is paid equal attention to our business. All this is done to earn your trust and to deliver just the best. After all, only the best deserve the best.

Our stock and our support are there for you
You can contact as per your ease and visit the stock to choose the one according to your needs. Our stock includes only the best and most valuable among the pre-owned cars. Moreover, our support is there if you need any information or have any question regarding the products and related matters. We are not built only to give you a product but to give you a great experience. This experience is while you shop from here or make some sales. It is also when you go out with that new car of yours and enjoy the ride like never before. Your happiness with our products and services is our satisfaction. So do not hesitate in contacting us anytime.

Great deals, best car choices, only with Punjab Car Bazaar
We at the Punjab Car Bazaar are attentive about the products and services we provide. We look into the growing demand among the customers and bring only what you need and will be glad to have. We are reliable, we are transparent in all our work. With the sole purpose of gaining your trust and confidence, we welcome you to give us the chance of dealing in the pre-owned cars with us. So dial us now to know more about the most affordable pre-owned cars.


Why Choose Us?

Best Price

Get the best price for your used car.

Wide Range of Brands

With a robust selection of popular vehicles on hand, as well as leading vehicles from Maruti, Ford and Hyundai.

Car Service & Maintenance

Our service department maintain your car to stay safe on the road for many more years.

Easy Dealing

Easy Dealing to all your worries. Let our experts take care of everything for you.

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